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Processing and packaging solutions

Welcome to Syntegon. We are your reliable partner for processing and packaging technology in the pharmaceutical and food industry. We draw on 160 years of experience as a processing and packaging machine manufacturer with a global presence of more than 30 locations.

Our vision: intelligent and sustainable solutions for everyone. Whether you require individual machines, automated systems, or services: we offer you tailor-made solutions for your requirements. Syntegon sets standards in packaging innovations, providing you with reliable production processes for high-quality results.

Expert Services
Expert Services

We support you throughout the entire machine life cycle, from spare parts management to digital line optimization. Service agreements are a key element of our portfolio structure. Together, we tailor our solutions to your individual needs. Our global network of experts supports you with maintenance planning, technical support, and modernizations, as well as operator training and end of life services. With our digital solutions, you gain control over your production processes and create transparency on product and machine data anytime, anywhere.

Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support

Spare Parts
Spare Parts


Our expertise, your advantage

Mars Wrigley, chocolate and confectionery 

"Confectionery and flexible plastics go together like a horse and carriage – or at least they used to. Times are changing, and so are the materials that chocolate bars are wrapped in. Today, consumer goods companies are looking for more sustainable materials. Mars Wrigley is investigating the flow wrapping potential of paper while currently conducting large-scale testing at a major German food retailer."


Our expertise, your advantage

Ritter Sport, chocolate

"Ritter Sport has set itself the goal of using paper-based packaging for its products. We have been supporting Ritter Sport with packaging solutions for its popular chocolate bars for the past four decades. The latest in a series of innovations: paper pouches for the colorful Ritter Sport mini editions."


Our expertise, your advantage

Bayer, pharmaceuticals 

"Bayer and Syntegon have entered a strategic partnership for the development of new continuous manufacturing processes for oral solid dosage (OSD) forms. The cooperation is based on the Xelum platform developed by the Syntegon subsidiary Hüttlin, which we intend to advance together and establish as a standard in the pharmaceutical industry."


Our expertise, your advantage

Amgen, Artifical Intelligence 

"We have installed our first AI-equipped visual inspection system in a fully automated and validated machine in a production line for Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. This challenging project required a lot of dedication and expertise, since Syntegon’s AI-based vision system was able to increase the particle detection rate by 70 percent, while reducing the false detection rate by 60 percent."

Processing and packaging solutions for your industry



Syntegon has supported food manufacturers with processing and packaging equipment for 160 years. With our stand-alone machines and complete system solutions for the primary and secondary packaging of food products, as well as processing technology for confectionery, we offer flexible machinery to accommodate numerous pack styles while striving for sustainable packaging solutions.



Syntegon?is one of the leading providers of pharmaceutical packaging solutions and process technology. Whatever your needs, our vast portfolio has you covered: from formulation, processing, sterilization, fill-finish, barrier systems and inspection for liquid pharmaceuticals to processing, capsule filling, tablet pressing and coating for oral solid dosage (OSD) forms. 



Syntegon offers a comprehensive portfolio of assembly technology and packaging solutions for medical devices, being one of the leading providers. Our portfolio includes solutions to assemble, mount, label, and package insulin pens and further auto-injector solutions, but also Covid-related kit materials, face masks and surgical equipment. Moreover, we support you in integrating new equipment into existing lines and provide qualification and validation support for MedTech assembly systems.


More industries

Syntegon equipment covers a wide range of applications. Besides offering solutions for the packaging of non-food products, we specialize in the processing and packaging of nutraceutical products. From granules, capsules and tablets to jellies and hard candies ? we package nutraceutical products, even in a fully recyclable paper-based solution for push-through packaging. 

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Take the next step in your career with Syntegon and discover our worldwide job offers! Let’s shape the future of sustainable processing and packaging together.

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Your career @ Syntegon

Take the next step in your career with Syntegon and discover our worldwide job offers! Let’s shape the future of sustainable processing and packaging together.

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About us

Processing and packaging for a better life – this is what the Syntegon employees work for every day. Be it with food packaging or medical packaging solutions, we help our customers in the global pharmaceutical and food industries to improve people’s lives. We focus on our impact on environment and society in everything we do.


Reach out to Syntegon.

Syntegon Technology GmbH
Stuttgarter Stra?e 130
71332 Waiblingen

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